The Winner


    Being a winner doesn’t happen by accident.  It takes tremendous work ethic and sacrifice to “get the job done.”  While everyone wants to be successful, little thought is given to what it actually takes.  A lot of people “kind of want it”

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Price Wars


   Since when did cycling become a sport for the wealthy? Looking at things in a logical way, I can't help but to comment on my observations.  Being at the bike races over the years there seems to be one common denominator with the

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Fit or healthy part 2


Now that we heard about how excessive exercise can be catabolic, what can we do? The most important thing is listen to your body. Your body knows what it needs, and will guide you if you listen. Cravings are a good example of this at the simplest

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Fit or healthy?


Are you fit, or are you healthy? If this sounds like a trick question, it may not be as obvious as you think. In life, our obvious goal is to be healthy, look and feel good. For the most part we go to the doctor, have a physical, do some blood work,

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Chasing illusions


Has anyone had a goal, or material item that they wanted so badly, that they obsessed over it? After you finally achieved your goal, or purchased that item, did anything change? You had a feeling of satisfaction, perhaps even pleasure, but as time went

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Welcome to CyclingJunk!


Welcome to, your online source for everything cycling. is a free “one stop shop” for those looking to buy, sell and trade with people throughout the cycling community. A few of the benefits we have to offer include;

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