Has anyone had a goal, or material item that they wanted so badly, that they obsessed over it? After you finally achieved your goal, or purchased that item, did anything change? You had a feeling of satisfaction, perhaps even pleasure, but as time went by that all changed. That new body you worked so hard for became neglected, you got lazy and everything faded away. Your mind created this scenario to capture your focus leading you down a path. You appeared to visualize the end goal; you just failed to factor in where that path may lead. Sometimes the path has ways to change the end result as well. Almost every goal involves some sort of sacrifice. At what point does that sacrifice become too much? The answer: when your mind perceives the goal is no longer feasible. There can be many reasons to come to that conclusion. Money, time, family, spouse, injury etc. Taking the blinders off, thinking things through, weighing out the pros and cons is essential. If you only focus on the perceived pros, while ignoring the cons you are fooling yourself. You may get the end result that you didn't even know existed. For better or worse, you will have no choice when the illusion becomes real.   

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